Among the Palms Cabins in Ein Yahav - Body & Mind Adventures

In the desert heart of the Arava awaits a newly renovated cabin site, in a homey atmosphere and at reasonable prices; this is your time to give rest to your body and freedom to your spirit in a desert atmosphere unlike any other.

“Among the Palms” cabins in Ein Yahav offer a desert lodging experience perfect for families, couples, groups, and even singles. Relax in one of 12 modern and fully equipped family units, participate in a variety of workshops in the studio space, and explore the attractions in the stunning desert landscape of the area.

Unplug in Comfort

Life in the city can be a grind and sometimes you’ve got to get away to recharge. There’s nothing like a vacation in the Arava, in the vast open space of the desert. This is the place to unplug from the noise and hustle of the city; from the gridlock and hunting for parking spaces; from the buses and the smog, from the crowd; from the concrete towers to the sprawling views. Lodging in the desert is exactly what you need to find yourselves, and while you’re in the desert, why not stay in Ein Yahav cabins?

Cabins in Ein Yahav are the perfect spot for an Arava vacation; this is the place where you can unplug from the city yet still enjoy the utmost comfort. No need to sleep in a tent with no power in order to enjoy the desert. You can do it in a desert cabit with high comfort standards that will make your stay a pleasurable one.

Romantic Desert Experience

Every couple in love needs their quiet time in a place without disturbances; that’s exactly what cabins are for, the perfect weekend escape. Cabins in Ein Yahav can be the perfect romantic experience for the couple in love. There’s nothing like a desert cabin for the romantic types who want a quiet and peaceful stay. With us there’s no need to stress, the desert gives you the magical backdrop for free. We just created confortable and pleasant rooms where you can spend quality time. So come experience the desert and feel the special magic of the area together. The rooms include all the necessary comforts with beds and fresh linen, fully equipped kitchenette and full 3-piece bathroom.

Desert Attractions in the Arava

Staying in the desert is a good opportunity to discover the hidden attractions of the Arava desert; from extreme sports to tasting tours in vineyards, the Arava offers interesting attractions to all ages and visitors. There is a variety of attractions in the Arava for every taste. Guests at Among the Palms cabins can enjoy the nature and landscape of the area with a hike through the fully marked trails; families can lounge at the town swimming pool, the aligator farm or the antilope farm; teams looking for action can find motor sports and other exciting open field activities; those looking for culinary experience can participate in a desert potjiekos workshop and a variety of other activities.

Active Vacation in the Arava

Alongside the attractions in the Arava, Cabins in Ein Yahav offer their own attractions for visitors coming to stay in the desert. Next to the cabins you will find a modern studio space including sports and exercise equipment that allows a variety of physical activities for the body and mind. While you enjoy a vacation in the Arava you can also enjoy a variety of healthy and sporty activities according to your personal taste. You will find several vacation packages that include different kinds of activities such as: running, cycling, swimming, movement workshops, yoga, Feldenkrais, pilatis and more. These activities are highly recommended as team building exercies that also include lodging in the desert.

Come for a trip in the Arava, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the fresh air. Let the sun’s first morning rays enter your heart while you take in the ancient landscape. This can be the perfect vacation, for couples looking for romance; for families looking for fun and relaxation and even for workplace teams looking for team building experiences in a unique atmosphere.