the history

In 1995 Rina and Gidi Klein, Naan-born farmers, opened their home to host a young worker who‘d been communting from afar. Later, they built him a room outside - and the first cabin was "born". Demand for rooms among commuting workers increased, so two more units were added.

Rina - who worked the fields in Ein Yahav all her life - began dividing her time between the fields and the rooms.

Over the years, demand for accommodations also increased among families hiking in the nearby desert, evetually leading Rina and Gidi tp hosting workers during the week and tourists on the weekends.

Recognized the need for additional income, Gidi decided to expand and build more rooms as well as a large hall for group events. Rina found herself becoming "Mrs. Cabin" and, with a heavy heart, left her farm work to focus on her new love: hosting folks from all over and connecting them to her other true love, the desert. She named the cabin site "Among the Palms" for the many palms surrounding the rooms with their beauty and grandeur.

and today?

At 70, Rina retired and passed the reins to her oldest son Yogev and his wife Chen.

Yogev (who works in agriculture himself) and Chen (who is a physical educator and movement instructor) renovated and modernized the site to make it meet the developing tourism industry in the Arava.

Today, the site features 12 modern and renovated rooms. The large hall was converted to studio space for movement and posture therapy, personal training, and classes for senior citizens, and still suits conferences and group activities (karaoke nights, lectures, workshops, and more).

what‘s next?

You tell us, because we‘re always looking to learn from our guests how to improve.