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Peres River

Located on the northern edge of the Judaean Desert and the Arava. Easy walking trail 4 kilometers long.

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Tsafit River

Medium-difficulty trail, about 4 kilometers long, featuring rope climbing and narrow passages.

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Gov River

A circular, medium-difficulty trail with stunning vistas. About 7 hours long.

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Yamin Pools

A trail along the Yamin river, featuring an impressive cracked landscape and swimmable water pools.

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Nekarot River

circular trail through springs, canyons, and history. 3-4 hours of low-difficulty walking.

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Barak Canyon

deep and narrow limestone canyon. The trail includes some rope climbing.

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Vradit Canyon

Long, 10-hour trail through multiple water pools and steep rocky walls. Some parts of the trail can only be crossed by swimming. (image credit)

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The Antelope Ranch

Safari tours, beautiful views, and an actual Noah's Arc.

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Vidor Center

The Aravah's learning center, featuring guided tours, 3D film screenings, and greenhouse visits.

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The Crocodile Farm

Crocodile farm offering guided tours and a petting zoo.

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Porat Apiary

Guided tour through a bee colony, where visitors can learn about the process of producing honey.

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The Organic Greenhouse

Guided tour through an organic greenhouse, activities for children, and a chance to pick your own vegetables.

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Shamayim - Hydrotherapy Center

Hydrotherapy center offering shiatzu, swimming lessons, and more.

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Elad Seker - Field Workshops

Guided tours, lectures, and field worshops in the Aravah.

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Motoric Experience

Drive a tomcar through the Aravah landscape.

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Weinstein Vineyard

Guided tours and tastings in the vineyard.

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Deck Bar

Delicious Israeli cuisine.

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Food in a desert atmosphere.

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Cafe and frozen yogurt specializing in home-made toppings.

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Classes in preparing Potjiekos, hosted in a desert sitting tent.

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